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    Website design + SEO search engine optimization
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    Consultancy and education
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    Internet strategies

Website design & SEO campaign for TISOC

TISOC has trusted in the experience of Xplora studio in the development of the complex Website of the important company in Spain and Latin America.

The customer

TISOC - The International School Of Coaching is a leader company in the making in Coaching from 2003, with more than 1.000 students of 23 countries from its contact teaching and telecourses.

Needs and goals

TISOC contacted Xplora with the important need of reconfiguring all the strategy of the company on the Internet at the level of Internet presence, online marketing and Internet ads, since the results achieved by the company were not the expected ones and with the challenge of achieving an efficient strategy on the Internet, both in Spain and in the different Latin American countries.


We have fully redesigned the web space, reconfiguring and expanding its content structure, and getting an attractive aesthetic aspect and optimizing every quality factor, so as to develop an effective and direct communication through the Web.

The goal has been getting a design centered on the user, by which we have chosen to listen to them directly, through internal tests. As necessary as the user’s opinions is the one from the developers of all the areas involved, since any detail may define the final result of the project.

From Xplora, thanks to our solid preparation on usability, information design and experience in web standards, we have developed a substantial redesign of the webpage, both at the creative and technical level. In this case, we have chosen to make a liquid web design, which is flexible, adaptable to the screen size, whatever it is, the user being the ruler and who must decide how to see what he has on screen.

Besides, thanks to our wide knowledge of the Internet search engines, SEO search engine optimization and to the parameters used to find the sites, we have optimized the webpage for its good positioning in a short timeline, being the first results visible very shortly.

the customer says...

“The attention and treatment received, both before, during and after the project have been very good. Likewise, the service received from its professionals has been very good; friendly, educated and very correct.

We started with Xplora by another client’s reference and then, Xplora has turned into a partner because it has known how to give us the appropriate service. We understand the supplier from the modern perspective of partner, and we believe Xplora is so.

Our trust level in Xplora is very good, and that is why we recommend it to whoever asks.”

Miguel J. Roldán, TISOC