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Email marketing campaigns.

Among so much spam, a good design and planning of the communication will end up calling the attention of the clients.

The campaigns of Email release, known as permission Email marketing, formed by Newsletter or corporate Emailing, are essential to perform effective notices of different types; information about new products or promotions to clients, information about new services, internal memos among employees, and a great amount of etceteras from different types of applications that are usually given to those.

The importance of the marketing Email campaigns is easily understandable due to their main advantages:

Big saving in costs.

Without having to pay for handlers of direct marketing, printing houses, creativity of graphic agencies, post offices or courier services, or data mediators.

Time reduction.

Traditional communication requests a minimum planning of two to three weeks, while a marketing email campaign enables to reduce the terms drastically with an immediate execution.


Format flexibility.

Email marketing offers the possibility to adjust the contents to all the communication needs and commercial management of the company.

An affordable personalization.

The right segmentation of the database, and personalization of advertising message when making an email ensures the success of any action.


A fully direct media.

The campaign is only received by the interested person which is the communication target, without any mediation or any other person/filter.

Without limits in the information volume.

An emailing campaign, when being a digital system, enables that the information volume sent is not a problem anymore.


Minimum investment.

It eliminates the fixed costs of performance and impact, enables to know and manage the costs previously in a tight way, and therefore the investment control is complete.


The marketing email campaign gives the possibility of a direct and immediate contact to users from any part of the world, without having to perform specific negotiations for each case or area.


Pro-active message.

The emailing managed with professional tools grants proactivity on the receptor, without expecting his previous reaction.

Non-obtrusive media.

Receiving an intended communication makes it non-obtrusive and the success of your marketing email campaigns is ensured.


It opens the dialogue.

The marketing email campaigns enables immediate or at least faster and comfortable answering times. The answer is simply a click away.

It enables an efficient measurement of results.

The marketing email tools enable to follow with accuracy and in real time the results of a campaign at full length of the sent communications.

related customer says...

“We have sincerely reached such a degree of communication and empathy that the reliability and trust in Xplora are total. We certainly recommend its professionals.

We congratulate all the Xplora team for the treatment, design and for its implication. For an honestly flawless job.”

Maite Guixà from Doublet, customer of our Email marketing solutions