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SEM & PPC campaigns.

We plan affordable advertising campaigns with our client,
which reach potential users with the lowest cost.

In Xplora, we put a special focus on communication in digital and interactive media and with experience since 2003 in all kinds of advertising campaigns.

Internet advertising campaigns

A well planned and managed online advertising campaign, either in Google Adwords or in social networking such as Facebook Ads will let you easily reach your target group, have an impact on it and cause a specific, defined and wished reaction, communicate your brand on the Internet and catch your audience, generate new visits to your web and increase your sales.

Guarantees in the return on investment

From Xplora, we offer full efficiency and professionalism to get an advertisement campaign which is adapted to your goals and fully profitable, getting a higher return on investment for your business. Besides, to offer you all guarantees, we elaborate statistics and periodic reports which will enable you to know the campaign performance all the time.

Internet is an advertisement media which, as a main advantage, and as opposed to traditional media such as radio or television, let us know the preferences and tendencies of consumption of potential clients with accuracy and display all the personalized advertisement according to those tendencies and preferences.

related customer says...

“We trust in Xplora so as to make the company known from zero and plan the Internet marketing. From the beginning, it was an inspiration to be able to know a series of possibilities which were unknown for us up to the moment, both at the marketing level and from technical aspects and Web possibilities.

We appreciate they take the necessary time to explain to you and guide you regarding a subject such as the new technologies about which many clients are not prepared enough.

The attention and problem solving has been fully satisfactory all the time, providing quick and effective solutions for our company. All the procedures were quick and simple.

Generally, what we value the most from Xplora is that they make our company’s every day easier, and they give us the calmness and safety to have a competent and qualified partner.”

Vicente Devís from Eduqua, customer of our SEM solutions