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Web 2.0 and social media.

Solutions to adapt the strategy of your company
to the new Web 2.0 context and social media environments.

Your current and future clients are continuously talking in the social media and networking and commenting in blogs and forums about their needs and even about their experiences with your company and products.

Your clients are in the social media and whether you want it or not, the image of your brand is also there; therefore, you must also be there, communicating with them in this new context and language, which is bidirectional and has new rules.

In Xplora, we help you communicate efficiently in the social networking and Web 2.0 systems, to know how to establish an effective and continuous dialogue, to learn from the clients contributions, to advertise you efficiently and profit from all the benefits this new environment offers. This may end up being the best communication way between your company and clients.

related customer says...

“The quality-price-service key factors made us choose its services. The communication and relationship have been very good, and the project has covered our goals and needs absolutely.”

Maite Guixà from Recicla World, customer of our social media solutions