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CMS content managment system.

Perform all kinds of updates in your Webpage,
without any need to have prior knowledge or technical support.

In Xplora, we have fully developed a complete tool to manage online the contents of a website and webpage, known as CMS content management system, which has been valued by our clients and professionals of the area as one of the best tools of the international market.

Completely customized

It is a tool which easily adapts itself to the client needs (language, orthographic proofreaders, presentation, options, tools, etc.) and its generated contents are fully optimized for a good positioning in all the Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...).

The application includes all the present and future needs you may have. In addition, as an Xplora fully developed tool, we can easily include new options to adapt the application to all your needs of every moment.

Easy and immediate modifications

With our tool, you may perform all types of modifications in the contents of your webpage (text, images, documents, links, etc.) without depending on any specialist, without any previous technical knowledge, fully autonomous, from any place and at any time.

This is why we have made an identical application, both regarding interface and easiness to use, to the famous program Microsoft Word. Therefore, if you know how to use Word, you will know how to use our CMS system perfectly. Guaranteed.

The CMS content management system is basic to keeping and improving your brand and company image continuously on the Internet and for an optimal communication with your clients and potential users.

related customer say...

“We recommend Xplora services and the CMS system they offer, because it is really simple.”

Mª Pilar Ferreiro from EOI Barcelona Drassanes, customer of our CMS system

“We certainly recommend Xplora services and the CMS tool which the studio offers: It is very easy to use by any user.”

Maite Guixà from Doublet, customer of our CMS system