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Xplora starts working in the United Kingdom

Xplora starts working in the United Kingdom

In association with Paul Huxley, from Huxley Studio, from Xplora we start working in the United Kingdom in several strategy projects on the Internet and solutions in Web presence and online marketing of local English companies.

"The secret of genius is keeping the child’s spirit until reaching old age, which means never lose enthusiasm." A. Huxley

As a result of this collaboration, we want to also highlight an important and ambitious multilingual project, fully based in Web 2.0 and social networking, called Oh!Ideas, which will have a wide network of 20 digital publications, 10 in English and 10 in Spanish, with a completely innovative format.

As a result of agreements like this, Xplora, which has its headquarters in the province of Barcelona, develops projects in the capital city of Madrid and, from now onwards, in the United Kingdom.

Here, we want to thank all the Xplora collaborators and clients for the confidence placed on us at every moment.