Included tasks

We are experts in “turnkey” solutions with which we will be in charge
of the full maintenance and update of your webpage.

Our Web maintenance services include the full maintenance and update of all the contents/design/services of any Internet media where your company is present: main website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, etc.

Besides, we will be in charge of the constant optimization of your webpage for you to be placed and keep being in the first positions of the Google rankings and other important search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Thanks to these tasks, your webpage will grow in visits and commercial contacts in time, while it grows and optimizes contents for all Internet search engines.

As a summary, the wide spectrum of services we offer within the webpage maintenance and update are:

  • A full management and update of all the Web contents.
  • Tasks of web design, banners, newsletters, emailings, image creation and upgrade.
  • Upgrading and programming of modules or applications for the Website.
  • Web optimization in Internet search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Update and maintenance of the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing company accounts, etc.
  • Analysis, management and optimization of advertising campaigns on the Internet, online marketing, Google Adwords, etc.
  • Optimization in usability and navigability.
  • Technical assistance and technological optimization.
  • Other related negotiations.
    - Data protection acts.
    - Renewal and update of domains and Web hosting.
    - Supervision and control of changes on the Web.
    - Solution for all kinds of problems.
    - Etc.
  • Any other agreed upon development.
    Logos, stationary, etc. We adapt to your needs!

The attention and treatment received, both before, during and after the project have been very good. Likewise, the service received from its professionals has been very good; friendly, educated and very correct.
We started with Xplora by another customer’s reference and then, Xplora has turned into a partner because it has known how to give us the appropriate service. We understand the supplier from the modern perspective of partner, and we believe Xplora is so. Our trust level in Xplora is so high, and that is why we recommend it to whoever asks.
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