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Thanks to our solution your webpage will be optimized in Google
and will grow in visits and commercial contacts throughout time.

We offer to you our full Web maintenance and update services, for companies which have a webpage on the Internet and wish to keep it continuously updated and faithful to its potential, with new contents, services, and hugh presence in social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...) and fully optimized for Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing , without having to undertake additional investments of qualified personnel, time, equipment or software. In this way, the company may focus on the main tasks of its business.

With our services in “turnkey” mode, we are in charge of the full regular update of your webpage (and your corporate accounts in social media, in case you have), and in this way you can have constant access of new visitors and potential customers periodically.

We offer all the tasks related to the update, design, new services, marketing, optimization, etc. of the company website, which will make your webpage have a good position in the result lists (rankings) of the main Internet search engines, to make it more and more visited and well-known, to offer interesting and updated information for the users, 24 hours a day and continuously, and thus, to turn it into your main advertising and interest source for visitors / potential customers.

From 2003 in Xplora, we put a special focus on this type of services and we are very experienced in the maintenance and update of webpages for all types of customers for which we are still working: Education Department of Cataluña Goverment, The International School Of Coaching, Ferrari, Doublet, BCS, Pasquali, MOSA, Yellowstar, Ecofred, etc.

Why is it crucial to keep your webpage updated?

  • By keeping your webpage updated, you will improve the image and credibility of your company on Internet at a critical moment when many companies have completely abandoned their corporate image.
  • To be successful on the Internet for your company, a web design is not enough. Your Website must be alive and for this, it needs a constant maintenance, content updates, news updates, promotions and product offers, prices, images, etc.
  • The position in the ranking of Web search engines such as Google is the key for all business with presence on the Internet and, thanks to our services of Web maintenance, we ensure you will remarkably upgrade and improve your optimization in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, since they give priority to those Webs which update their contents frequently compared to the ones which did not do it.

From the beginning, we have been assisted by Xplora exquisitely, efficiently and operatively. Xplora, since its services were hired, has been always at the service of Doublet.
We certainly recommend Xplora services. We congratulate all the Xplora team for the treatment, design and for its project implication. For an honestly Flawless job.
Doublet, our customer since 2005 · See more reviews

We selected Xplora because of its attention and its treatment, from the first contacts; it was excellent. The service its professionals offered us has been excellent.
They have our complete trust and credibility and, without any doubt, we would recommend its services to any company with needs similar to ours.
APAC, our customer since 2007 · See more reviews