Service rates

We offer several types of services
so as to adapt us to all customers and website projects.

Thanks to our experience acquired from 2003, we have adapted our service offer so as to provide a wide range of options, covering all the needs of our customers.

For this, we offer two methods: regular and periodical bonus, for companies who know their specific needs exactly and that may be hired from just one month, and flat rates for companies with important needs which require a maximum commitment and with a minimum hiring period of 12 months.

We send periodically to all our Web maintenance customers a full report from where we certify:

  • The hours elapsed during the period of time (month, quarter, year)
  • Record of hours elapsed in previous periods of time
  • Detail of the hours elapsed in each of the tasks performed
  • Pre-calculation of the maintenance service, etc.

In case before a period ends and all the hired hours have been elapsed, there is no problem! We can exceed up to a 50% extra of the hired hours and they will be discounted on the next period without any extra cost.

Promotion offer for new customers
We know that, if you try our services, you will come back, that is why we want to tempt you:     :-)
Try us 3 months with a quarter bonus of 25 hours for only 350 €!
Try us 1 year with a anual bonus of 25 hours for only 550 €!

Regular bonus

  • Monthly bonus 10 (10 hours/month): 180 €/month
  • Monthly bonus 25 (25 hours/month): 412,50 €/month
  • Monthly bonus 50 (50 hours/month): 700 €/month
  • Monthly bonus 100 (100 hours/month): 1.000 €/month
  • Quarter bonus 10 (10 hours/quarter): 230 €/quarter
  • Quarter bonus 25 (25 hours/quarter): 537,50 €/quarter
  • Quarter bonus 50 (50 hours/quarter): 950 €/quarter
  • Quarter bonus 100 (100 hours/quarter): 1.500 €/quarter
  • Annual bonus 10 (10 hours/year): 280 €/year
  • Annual bonus 25 (25 hours/year): 662 €/year
  • Annual bonus 50 (50 hours/year): 1.200 €/year
  • Annual bonus 100 (100 hours/year): 2.000 €/year

Flat rates

  • Standar flat rate
    Fee of  500€/month (Up to 75 hours/month of service: 50+25 hours advance)
  • Plus flat rate
    Fee of 850€/month (Up to 150 hours/month of service: 100+50 hours advance)
  • Premium flat rate
    Fee of 1.200€/month (Up to 300 hours/month of service: 200 + 100 hours advance)

We have had a good communication with its professionals throughout all the project development. We trust Xplora and recommend its services.
Fundació Escolta Josep Carol, our customer since 2007.

The closeness and interest in everything we need all the time, their involvement, and the achieved results make us recommend Xplora services to other school and companies.
EOI Barcelona Vall Hebrón, our customer since 2003.

The implication showed by Xplora, and the identification of our needs and goals from the beginning, help us choose them. Professionals to recommend.
CEM Formació, our customer since 2005.