Hiring process

From 2003, we are experts in updating and maintaining
all kinds of webpages for all kind of customers.

It is very easy! In a few words, the steps to be followed are:

  • 1. Contact us and explain to us the needs and goals of your company on the Internet and your webpage.
  • 2. We will send you via email a service proposal, according to your needs and our suggestions, a result of our experience in similar areas and projects.
  • 3. We clarify doubts you may have and we outline details.
  • 4. Once all details are clarified and if you are interested, we will send you the service contract for you to send it back signed, without any permanence obligation or "small print text"! :-)
  • 5. We develop the maintenance service and update of your webpage during all the hired period with the corresponding payments. We will deliver the reports and the results periodically.

Clearly, the project cost has been very low compared with the results obtained, and that is why I think it has been a very good investment.
We would recommend Xplora services to a company with similar needs to ours. Except to our competitors ;-)
BCS, our customer since 2007 · See more reviews

From the beginning, we have been assisted by Xplora exquisitely, efficiently and operatively. Xplora, since its services were hired, has been always at the service of Doublet.
Doublet, our customer since 2005 · See more reviews

Xplora has recognized our needs and goals from the beginning. The ease of communication they showed, as well as their affordable price, make us choose them.
EOI BCN Drassanes, our customer since 2005 · See more reviews