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Website design solution for Nadrez LED

Xplora signs the new corporate Website solution on the Internet of the company Nadrez LED.

The customer

Nadrez is a company devoted to the LED systems of safety and emergency signaling, street lightning and ship illumination. Always with LED technology.

Needs and goals

The company came to Xplora with the need to start a new Internet strategy according to its adaptation to a new area and range of commercial products and with the clear goal of achieving a solid Internet presence in the Spanish area of the LED technology, where they started to establish and try the foreign multinational companies with their own products.


So as to achieve the goals, we must achieve a great interworking, both by the graphic and technical department.

The first was achieved by creating a Website solution with a visual and nice introduction to make the company known and show its wide catalogue of innovating services, according to the usability and web accessibility standards and ensuring its right visualization by any user.

On the other hand, the technical department develops a fully prepared and optimized Webpage for the different search engines of the Spanish area (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) so as to focus all its Web potential on a strong presence in Spanish network, where it has a distribution license of its new technological products nationally.

the customer says...

“We have chosen Xplora for its responsibility and professionalism of its personnel, with which we have received a good assistance and treatment. We consider the service obtained as very professional.

We trust a lot in Xplora and without any doubt, we recommend its services.”

Andreu Navarro, Nadrez LED