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    Web design + CMS content management system + SEO search engine optimization
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  • Sector
    Industrial machinery
  • Disciplines
    Internet strategies

Web design, CMS & SEO for Maquiberica

Xplora signs the new Internet strategy of the company Maquiberica through its new webpage.

The customer

Maquiberica is a company which is born with the goal of providing new technologies in qualified machinery for construction.

Needs and goals

The client had a Webpage on the Internet which was not getting the expected results and needed urgently a new Web presence as a base of a new Internet strategy which will provide results so as to make its range of innovating products known over its competition, which was obtaining results on the Internet from long ago.


We develop a complete Webpage fully optimized for Internet search engines, aiming at achieving a good optimization of these over their competition. Although such competition has more time on the Internet, their Web solutions are not fully optimized in their structure or contents at the level of Web SEO search engine optimization.

The web project has a full virtual catalogue of brand products so as to get the maximum broadcasting of their new network products, profiting from the good webpage optimization.

Lastly, the Web page has advanced Web CMS content management system from which the company, autonomously and instantaneously may perform all kinds of modifications in your webpage (text, images, documents, links, etc) without any need of previous technical knowledge of the tool and HTML, since the application is identical in interface and use to the well-known program Microsoft Word.

the customer says...

“Xplora experience and the good treatment we received made us choose them.

The attention and service received all the time have been correct, which makes us trust in their professionals and recommend them.”

Carlos Losada, Maquiberica