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We've launched the corporate Website for G3MEIN

We've launched the corporate Website for G3MEIN

G3MEIN chooses Xplora to develop its new website, the key in its ambitious global Internet strategy.

G3MEIN, a company with huge experience in Catalonia developing electrical installations, came to Xplora with the impetuous need of a strong Internet presence, strengthening its activities in Spain and expanding commercially the company in Europe to achieve and contact with industries and potential consumers of its professional services.

From Xplora we've created a complete corporate Website available in 3 languages ​​and completely focused internationally thanks to its excellent optimization to automatically position itself successfully in any Internet search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., both in Spain and in the countries identified as "objectives" by G3MEIN of its Internet presence and advertising.

More information about the project from here.