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Web design, CMS & SEO solution for Ferrari

BCS SpA group has relied upon the knowledge and experience in corporate Web development of Xplora for the full development of its Internet Web project for the brand Ferrari in Spain and Portugal.

The customer

Ferrari, a top brand, specialized in offering solutions of agricultural mechanization to the service of the farmer, is part of the agricultural division from Group BCS SpA and, among other countries, it is located in Spain and Portugal.

Needs and goals

The client contacted Xplora with a growing need of establish a fast presence, strengthening and expansion of the brand on the Internet, facing the presence of the competition from some time ago in this same media, as well as the capacity to offer a series of services added exclusively to the brand clients.


We develop a complete Webpage fully optimized for Internet search engines, aiming at achieving a good optimization of these over their competitors. These competitors, although they have Internet website for more thime, they have Web solutions which are not fully optimized in their structure or contents at the level of Web SEO search engine optimization.

The web project has a full virtual catalogue of brand products so as to get the maximum broadcasting of their new network products, profiting from the good webpage optimization.

It also has an exclusive intranet, private area, for its clients from where Ferrari offers exclusive services apart from the possibility that their clients make all kinds of negotiations with the company in a fast way through the Internet.

Lastly, the Webpage has advanced CMS content managment system from which Ferrari, autonomously and instantaneously perform all kinds of modifications in their webpage (text, images, documents, links, etc) without any previous technical knowledge of the tool and HTML. This application is identical in interface and use to the well-known program Microsoft Word.

the customer says...

“We needed to have a Website for each one of our brands to support our distribution network and offer to our customers online information about our products, and promote our company through the Internet.

From the first contact, Xplora was worthy of a very good opinion and then, it gave the impression to us that Xplora team was very motivated to carry out the work we were proposing.

For us, this was very important, since we faced the design of 4 Webs in Spain (www.mosa.es, www.bcsiberica.es, www.ferrari.es, www.pasquali.es) and 3 webs in Portugal (www.mosa.pt, www.bcsportugal.pt, www.ferrari.pt)... An authentic ‘long distance running’ for which we needed a good fellow traveler and, of course, we were very careful to choose which studio should be take on this project.

Among the most important factors which help in our decision towards Xplora, we highlight: professionalism and experience, extensive online marketing knowledge, communication capacity and love for a well-done job.

Clearly, the project cost has been very low compared with the results obtained, and that is why I think it has been a very good investment.

We would recommend Xplora services to a company with similar needs to ours. Except to our competitors ;-)”

Jordi Rosique, BCS SpA group Spain and Portugal (BCS, MOSA, FERRARI and PASQUALI)