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    Website design + SEO search engine optimization
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  • Sector
    Industrial air conditioning
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    Internet strategies

Website design & SEO solution for Ecofred

Ecofred trusts again in the experience of Xplora for its new internationally Internet strategy.

The costumer

Ecofred, company created in 1991, is devoted to the industrial air conditioning and cooling facilities.

Needs and goals.

Ecofred, for which we already developed its first Web page in 2007, has trusted again on us to develop its new Internet strategy with the clear goal of increasing its presence and advertisement on the Internet, both at Spanish level where it was already present satisfactorily, and above all, internationally in the new countries of important economic growing and with an industry which potentially consumes its services.


We have developed a new corporate webpage in several languages, fully optimized for any Internet search engine, both Google and generic search engines and local search engines which consumers from target countries have. This helps to get a good position in both national and International web search engines in the potential countries even above local companies of these countries with Internet presence of worst Web SEO search engine optimization.

the customer says...

“Closeness and trust makes us choose their services.

Xplora attention has been nice and efficient all the time, helping us to discover the deepening in the operation of Internet advertisement and understanding our needs perfectly.

We highly trust in Xplora and we recommend its services.”

Pere Martinez, Ecofred