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Website design solution for Cromatick

Xplora signs the Web solution for Internet presence of the newly created company Cromatick.

The customer

Cromatick, intelligent LED lighting, is a recently created company, with a special focus on the new illumination indoor and outdoor systems and ornamentation based on the LED system.

Needs and goals

The company came to Xplora to start its Internet present both in a strong and shocking way, so as to have a place in the area of LED technology, where big international companies were already immersed with products at the level of visual features and economic and ecologic profitability.


At the same time and similar to the project of corporate identity design (branding) made for Cromatick, we gave priority to its Internet strategy based on a strong Web solution with a very visual and interactive introduction. This introduction shows the new company and its wide catalog of novel products according to the recommended parameters of usability and Web accessibility.

On the other hand, from the technical department, we have worked to get a fully prepared and optimized webpage for the different search engines of the Spanish area (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) so as to focus all its web potential on a strong presence in Spanish network, where it has a distribution license of its new technological products.

You can see several images from the Webpages, by clicking on each of them.