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Flash Website design for CookieBox

Xplora signs the new image on the Internet of the company CookieBox.

The customer

CookieBox is a group of consultants in organizational development devoted to design and foster projects which promote active learning and internal communication.

Needs and goals

In association with Periferia and Maos studios, the client arrived here with the important need of setting forth a new Internet strategy and having an impressive and visual commercial presentation tool which transmits the philosophy and values of the company to its potential clients.


From Xplora, we have developed the assembly and animation of the new Webpage of the company, apart from the post-production of the different audiovisual videos.

The result achieved in its Webpage is a new and clear example of the huge possibilities Flash technology stand for to create a commercial application with a strong message, enabling a great audiovisual impact thanks to the addition of different multimedia resources.

You can see several application images, by clicking on each of them.