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Christmas video postcard for B:SM Barcelona City Hall

From Xplora we've created the Christmas video postcard for B:SM, society of the Common Council of Barcelona.

The customer

B:SM is a society part of Barcelona City Hall whose priority is to provide quality services to the citizens of Barcelona and customers in areas such as mobility or in different places of leisure.

Needs and goals

The client contacted us with an urgent need to congratulate Christmas to their corporate customers in a different way of past years, creative and visual as well as economic and fast diffusion and delivery to the target users.


The first step of the project was to work with the client to develop a fully adapted script that covers all their communication needs.

After that, we focused on making the animation and digital video production, motion graphics based, and its optimization for the correct diffusion by Internet covering all the needs of the client's broadcast.

As result of this project the company not only has wished Merry Christmas to its corporate users; the company has achieved ​​visually impact on its clients transmitting a corporate message based on firm values.

the customer says...

“Their projects made ​​us choose Xplora. Their contributions in our project have been successful and we had an excellent treatment from them.”

Yolanda Vilar, B:SM Barcelona City Hall