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Social Web 2.0 solution for Oh!Ideas

In association with the local creative Huxley studio in the United Kingdom, we have developed a macro project, fully based on Web 2.0 and in social media.

The important Internet Project is based on a wide network of 20 digital publications (10 in English and 10 in Spanish) with a fully innovative and participating format at a point we can describe between traditional magazine of unidirectional communication and personal blog of purely bidirectional communication.

Each of the Web publications is fully independent at the level of design, contents, format, editorial autonomy, publication criteria and others related.

At a technical level, we have worked to “center” all the technical load so as to create a completely safe system with the maximum technical and service guarantees, which ease and economize any improvement management or application and service improvement by Oh!Ideas.

In a 3-month project, in Xplora we have developed all the technical part of the project and we have collaborated at the same time with the support and advice in the design of the different publications.

Oh!Ideas is introduced as follows:

Let’s be astronauts for a day… a few intrepid travelers astronauts who skies Internet to catch the brightest and beautiful stars in the universe, which we'll made crowns of ideas and thoughts necklaces... we’ll cross paper clouds and chocolate covered moons... we’ll get soaked by candy rain and we’ll visit planets with a mustache…

From Oh!Ideas we bring you the brightest suns in the firmament of the Internet to illuminate each of your days with side to side smiles and pretty and soft things.”

the customer says...

“We are very happy with Xplora! Web pages developed are great, better than we could have imagined!, and content management tools are so easy to use. Lovely people and recommended professionals, bravo! :-)”

Marta Torres, Oh!Ideas