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    Online Marketing, Internet advertising and social media campaigns solutions
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    Consultancy and education
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    Internet strategies

Online Marketing, Internet advertising and social media campaigns solutions for TISOC

Xplora manages all the Internet marketing strategy of the company TISOC.

The customer

TISOC - The International School Of Coaching is a leader company in the making in Coaching from 2003, with more than 1.000 students of 23 countries from its contact teaching and online courses.

Needs and goals

Since the client has imminent expansion plans in several countries, it needs to strengthen and increase considerably its Internet presence, within the channels which are appropriate to the commercial area where it is found and the profile of its target audience, both in the Spanish and foreign markets.


Initially, we analyze the client area and Webpages so as to identify areas of high concentration of potential users for the client. After this analysis, we decided to make several parallel advertisement campaigns.

We have launched several Email Marketing campaigns to the TISOC subscribers and by other online media and Websites:

At the same time, we launched many advertisement campaigns of the company in the main web portals of the area, as in the case of Expansión & Empleo or VoyPorMas, based on motion graphic banners.

Alse we have started several advertisement campaigns of SEM payment in Google Adwords with the same goal.

On the other hand, we have developed the client presence in the social networking such as Facebook and Twitter and started several payment campaigns in these platforms, as in the case of Facebook Ads.

All these campaigns are supported by a Landing Page, where a first company introduction and the courses offered are shown, turning in this way into the allied and perfect complement which will help turning visitors into potential clients.

the customer says...

“The attention and treatment received, both before, during and after the project have been very good. Likewise, the service received from its professionals has been very good; friendly, educated and very correct.

We started with Xplora by another client’s reference and then, Xplora has turned into a partner because it has known how to give us the appropriate service. We understand the supplier from the modern perspective of partner, and we believe Xplora is so.

Our trust level in Xplora is very good, and that is why we recommend it to whoever asks.”

Miguel J. Roldán, TISOC