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Online marketing campaign 2012 for BCS

The Group BCS SpA has entrusted us again its marketing strategy on the Internet with the development of new commercial Web microsites for the 2012 campaign.

The customer

BCS, a top brand, specialized in offering solutions of agricultural mechanization to the service of the farmer, is part of the agricultural division from Group BCS SpA and, among other countries, it is located in Spain and Portugal.

Needs and goals

The Group BCS SpA, after the good experience obtained from us in online marketing campaign 2011, has trusted again in Xplora to develop its Internet strategy based on the development of commercial Web microsites so as to promote its product offering on the Internet and have an efficient support tool for the commercial team of the company.


From Xplora we have developed again an advertising strategy based mainly on the Internet and, as a base of this new campaign, the advertising microsites with special offers for 2012.

The identified goals for this project have been, on the one side, to have a great visual impact to the end user, using great graphic resources and animations, and on the other hand, to offer a Fast Web interface and with a very simple navigation, offering all the information of the promotion both clearly and accurately.

Together with the publication of the advertising microsites, an important Web optimization campaign in search engines (SEO) and a banner campaign in important portals of the area.

the customer says...

“We needed to have a Website for each one of our brands to support our distribution network and offer to our customers online information about our products, and promote our company through the Internet.

From the first contact, Xplora was worthy of a very good opinion and then, it gave the impression to us that Xplora team was very motivated to carry out the work we were proposing.

For us, this was very important, since we faced the design of 4 Webs in Spain (www.mosa.es, www.bcsiberica.es, www.ferrari.es, www.pasquali.es) and 3 webs in Portugal (www.mosa.pt, www.bcsportugal.pt, www.ferrari.pt)... An authentic ‘long distance running’ for which we needed a good fellow traveler and, of course, we were very careful to choose which studio should be take on this project.

Among the most important factors which help in our decision towards Xplora, we highlight: professionalism and experience, extensive online marketing knowledge, communication capacity and love for a well-done job.

Clearly, the project cost has been very low compared with the results obtained, and that is why I think it has been a very good investment.

We would recommend Xplora services to a company with similar needs to ours. Except to our competitors ;-)”

Jordi Rosique, BCS SpA group Spain and Portugal (BCS, MOSA, FERRARI and PASQUALI)