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Motion graphics digital video production 'What Christmas tastes like?'

Xplora studio signs the audiovisual production, through a motion graphics type video, for its own video-card of Christmas greeting.

Needs and goals

Internally, we saw the need to give an internal and external demonstration of our potential and capacity of our creative studio in the development of audiovisual production and new technologies such as motion graphics type digital videos.

For this, we thought it was perfect to profit from our Christmas greetings, which each year has something special and daring, as an excuse to launch this project.


From the different departments, involved in this ambitious project, the script, edition, production and digital post-production for its advertisement through the Internet, in this way taking care of the broadcasting goals which had been marked from the beginning.

With this project, we have not only celebrated holidays and transmitted the message of the people who are part of Xplora studio; besides, we have proven our capacity of creative audiovisual development against the client portfolio and potential companies.