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Multimedia app design for Ideal Standard

Xplora develops the assembly and programming the multimedia Interactive CD application (2004 campaign) of the multinational Ideal Standard in Spain and Portugal.

The customer

Established more than 10 years ago, with own representation and commercial distribution, Ideal Standard Internacional, in Spain distributes the brands Ideal Standard, Sangrá and Jado.

Needs and goals

In association with another creative studio, the project comes to us with the need to create an interactive solution which acts as a commercial reference catalogue of the multinational in Spain and Portugal for its clients and distributors, by using the last current technology (2004) for the tool to be able to include all the available multimedia material the company had at that moment: Product photographs, drawings, 3D models, videos, etc.


From Xplora, we fully develop all the layout and multimedia Interactive application which, at the moment it was made public (2004), was a reference both at the commercial level for its innovative introduction and at a technical level for using the last available technologies to make use of all types of multimedia resources.

With a modern and elegant graphics, addressed to distributors and public in general, the full catalogue of products may be consulted, along with technical information, photographs, drawings, 3D samples and videos.

All this turns this project into a clear example of a new contact form with the client, captivating him, easing the information and making it rich in resources and possibilities.

You can see several application images, by clicking on each of them: