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Work process.

Find out step by step how we work in Xplora
with an own process oriented to results.

Since we received your first email or phone call until we deliver or publish you project, we worked based on a same process, adapted to each case, and oriented to the mutual communication and collaboration between us and the client.

1.  Initial consultations and budget

By means of meetings, virtual conferences, via telephone or email, we commit and work to understand perfectly well the concept of your company and the communication needs regarding marketing and advertisement.

We offer complete information and suggestions about the possibilities you have within your reach to achieve the identified goals, adapted to the time and budget available in each case. This has the clear commitment of proposing a solution which is adapted to your particular case and which brings about visible results and a maximum investment return.

2. Analysis and research

We prepare the infrastructure and the professional team needed for the project, with all the necessary additions*: As client, you must have real experts at your disposal in each project area.

We appoint people in charge of each area for you to have a direct contact with them every time you think it is necessary so as to speed up the development, clarify any doubt put forward and offer a full guarantee and trust during all the process.

* Apart from the professionals that are part of Xplora, we have a portfolio of many regular collaborators, and the great majority of them are exclusive from Xplora in Spain, and highly qualified in each area.


3. Development

All the precision machinery starts to develop a project fulfilling all the stated commitments, within the times, terms agreed and without any last minute surprises.

Furthermore, we keep constantly informed about the situation of the project, participating as another member of the work team, and we get informed about all the improvements we achieve during the development so as to review and comment any detail you consider necessary.

4. Samples and reviews

During this passionate phase, you will see how the concepts and ideas are becoming a visible and tangible project where the least detail has been taken care of.

As a client we show for your review and appraisal, all the graphical proposals and technical prototypes that are needed until reaching full satisfaction, which is our main goal.


5.  Delivery and support

After all the development is ended, we prepare all the material for the final delivery.

Besides, as a client, we help you to fully display the project. This includes advice and management in Web posting plans, creation of email accounts, technical assistance to order the corporate stationery printing or elements for the company, recommendations of advertising media on the Internet, etc.

Finally, the entire project is filed as a way of protection, and we send a copy with the original files for your present and future safety.

6. Follow-up and research

The delivery of the project is not the end of our job, taking into account this accelerated and changing environment which is the Internet.

For this reason, after the delivery and publication of your project, we make an ongoing follow-up that, sometimes, may lead us to make studies and set forth new proposals and initiatives so as to increase the impact on your potential users and new environments (social networking, web 2.0, etc.).