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About us.

Passionate of our job, we believe we are anxious people,
as well as agile and operative professionals.

We are a multidisciplinary studio created in 2003, and formed by expert young people, with an average age of 29 years old and 8 years of work experience in the Web marketing and multimedia creative areas.

We distinguish ourselves and our customers acknowledge through their testimonies for our really innovative spirit, with a total vocation and commitment to our customers and their goals, and an enhanced infrastructure, without unproductive costs, and with results totally guaranteed.

Expert and anxious professionals

After having several experiences in other agencies, we believed that things could be done differently. With this belief, we create the Xplora studio in 2003 with two clear goals: Developing simple and efficient projects for all kinds of customers and keeping an anxious attitude with training and experience in the new technologies, tendencies and new strategic possibilities of Internet ads.

Accessible and operative professionals

Without any mediator, account or commercial managers: our customer speaks about design details directly with the designer, online marketing aspects with the technician of the advertising campaign, etc. In this way, we guarantee efficient and quick solutions and a trust and closeness feeling.


Small and agile team

We are small and want to keep being small. In this area, being small and selective means agility in what we do, quickness in productive decisions and full adaptation in a continuously changing environment. Only in this way may we guarantee the clients that their projects be developed by real experts of each field involved.

Advertising? No, thanks

From the beginning, we have spent zero in our own advertising investment. We do not advertize ourselves in any media; we prefer invest that time and money for the full satisfaction of our customers and in the development of new services. The result is that 90% of our new customers come to us by direct recommendation of other customers.


Virtual and close

We have our offices in Barcelona (Spain) from 2003 although our company structure is as a virtual agency for many advantages: we cover projects in any part of Spain and abroad (recently in Portugal and the United Kingdom), we hire the best professionals from any part of the world, we save in unproductive costs, improving the performance and quality of equipments, communication and work environment.

This working method, which is becoming very popular, allows us to offer high quality services, as well as a close and accessible treatment, obtaining the trust that our clients show us in their testimonies.


R+D, Research and development

“R+D” is now in vogue, but since 2003, we devote a part of our benefits, 5% in 2003 and currently 20%, to the development of own services and applications so as to be ahead in the market and offer our clients added services. A clear example is our own application of a CMS, content management system, highly praised among our clients.