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Email marketing campaigns for yellowStar

Xplora signs the Email marketing campaigns of the company yellowStar.

The customer

yellowStar is a company specialized in high level training of professionals and executive of companies from different commercial areas.

Needs and goals

yellowStar company needed an Email marketing campaign so as to get more presence on the Internet and make its new services known with guarantees of a good service promotion and investment return of the campaign.


We design the campaign with eye-catching and clear graphics, aimed at executives and people in charge of human resources, so as to call the attention of the user without sacrificing the formalities the message requires by the target audience.

the customer says...

“The attention and treatment received, both before, during and after the project have been very good. Likewise, the service received from its professionals has been very good; friendly, educated and very correct.

We started with Xplora by another client’s reference and then, Xplora has turned into a partner because it has known how to give us the appropriate service. We understand the supplier from the modern perspective of partner, and we believe Xplora is so.

Our trust level in Xplora is very good, and that is why we recommend it to whoever asks.”

Miguel J. Roldán, TISOC