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Email marketing design for Immolaria

Xplora signs the Email marketing campaign of the company Immolaria.

The customer

Immolaria is a real state portal on the Internet.

Needs and goals

The company Immolaria needed an Email marketing campaign to make its portal known, which is specialized on the Internet, to ensure a good service promotion and investment return.


We believe that real state area is not different from any other area; we consider all real state company needs to use the Internet channel so as to promote its properties, due to the current situation of the market, but above all to the higher informative demand of the properties' buyers. The result is that the use of Emailings campaigns is duplicated year by year and in 2007, the advertising investment increased 76%.

From Xplora, we have designed the last Email permission marketing campaign of Immolaria.com & Inmolaria.com which has consisted in the Email sending to potential clients, and the access to a Landing Page, from where the offer characteristics are detailed.