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Email marketing campaigns for Doublet

Xplora signs the different campaigns of Email marketing from Doublet multinational in Spain.

The customer

Doublet Ibérica is the Spanish branch of multinational Doublet, founded in France in 1832 and in the business of manufacturing products for events and exposition.

Needs and goals

The company Doublet, after the good experiences in previous solutions, contacted us again with the need to start a series of campaigns of Email marketing so as to introduce the most important innovations and promotions periodically.


In the commerce area, Internet represents a very important strategic tool so as to advertise and empower the promotions performed in the outlets. A good example is these Email marketing campaigns developed for Doublet.

From Xplora, we have designed several marketing permission campaigns which have consisted in sending periodical emails to potential purchasers of very different areas, with different innovations, promotions and exclusive offers in its product ranges.

Some samples of these developed Email marketing campaigns are:

the customer says...

“From the beginning, we have been assisted by Xplora exquisitely, efficiently and operatively. Xplora, since its services were hired, has been always at the service of Doublet.

We certainly recommend Xplora services and the content manager which the studio offers: It is very easy to use by any user.

We have sincerely reached such a degree of communication and empathy that the reliability and trust in Xplora are total. We certainly recommend its professionals.

We congratulate all the Xplora team for the treatment, design and for its implication. For an honestly flawless job.”

Maite Guixà, Doublet