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    Website design + Ecommerce + CMS content management system + SEO optimization
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    Internet strategies

Ecommerce online shop for MonNaranja

Xplora signs the online web shop of the Valencian company MonNaranja.

The customer

MónNaranja is a recently created Valencian company devoted to orange and mandarin sale from Valencia through the Internet.

Needs and goals

MonNaranja was sure that the key was the Internet sale for its idea of new business and with the innovative products it had, if it wanted to come to light with an initial position of advantage, compared to the competition.

Due to the great diversity of profiles of its potential clients, MonNaranja needed a solution of ecommerce which was very easy to navigate, with a nice Web interface design and with a purchase process as simple and comfortable as possible.


We have developed a complete Web solution of ecommerce, formed by a corporate part of company presentation and another one from the own Web shop so as to achieve the maximum broadcasting of its Internet products and profiting from all the current advantages of the Web shops on the Internet and making use of the last available technologies today in the market.

Apart from all the Web solution of e-commerce is fully optimized for the Internet Web search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,…) with the clear goal of getting a good position in these search engines, far above the positions achieved by the competition, whose web solutions are not at that level of Web SEO search engine optimization.

Lastly, the Web page has advanced CMS content management system from which the client may autonomously and instantaneously perform any kind of modification in its Webpage and online store (add products, modify stocks, prices, photographs, transportation expenses, etc) without any need of previous technical knowledge of the tool and HTML, since the application is identical in interface and use to the well-known program Microsoft Word.

the customer says...

“The attention and problem solving has been fully satisfactory all the time, providing quick and effective solutions for our company. All the procedures were quick and simple.

Generally, what we value the most of Xplora is that they make our company’s every day easier, and they give us the calmness and safety to have a competent and qualified partner.”

Vicente Devís, MonNaranja