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Ecommerce online shop for Doublet

Xplora has signed again the new strategy on the Internet of Doublet multinational brand in Spain.

The customer

Doublet Ibérica is the Spanish branch of multinational Doublet, founded in France in 1832 and in the business of manufacturing products for events and exposition.

Needs and goals

Doublet company, after having a good experience with Xplora in the previous web solutions and Internet strategies we developed in 2005, contacted us again this time to perform a new Internet strategy.

This time, the goal was expanding and strengthening its presence on the Internet, through a state-of-the-art commerce solution which will cover all the new current possibilities, far beyond the current ones in 2005.


The online Web shop has the last technologies available today on the market, noticeably improving the management, safety, agility and general operation of the Web application of ecommerce, compared to the previous web shop of Doublet performed in 2003. We have developed a full ecommerce web solution, formed by a corporate part of company introduction and another one, belonging to the own web shop, with a long online catalogue of products of more than 1.000 references, so as to achieve the maximum broadcasting of its products on the Internet and profit from all the current advantages of the web shops on the Internet.

Apart from all the Web solution of e-commerce is fully optimized for the Internet Web search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,…) with the clear goal of getting a good position in these search engines, far above the positions achieved by the competition, whose web solutions are not at that level of Web SEO search engine optimization.

Lastly, the Web page has advanced CMS content management system from which the client may autonomously and instantaneously perform any kind of modification in its Webpage and online store (add products, modify stocks, prices, photographs, transportation expenses, etc) without any need of previous technical knowledge of the tool and HTML, since the application is identical in interface and use to the well-known program Microsoft Word.

the customer says...

“From the beginning, we have been assisted by Xplora exquisitely, efficiently and operatively. Xplora, since its services were hired, has been always at the service of Doublet.

We certainly recommend Xplora services and the content manager which the studio offers: It is very easy to use by any user.

We have sincerely reached such a degree of communication and empathy that the reliability and trust in Xplora are total. We certainly recommend its professionals.

We congratulate all the Xplora team for the treatment, design and for its implication. For an honestly flawless job.”

Maite Guixà, Doublet