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Corporate identity design for Origami Café

From Xplora, we develop the graphic identity of this special and creative place.

The customer

Origami Café is a new place in Madrid where the two big passions of its creators merge: The authentic Asian café and the Origami art (Japanese origami), napkins with patterns of Origami pieces, cups made of paper, origami figures hung from the roof… are only one of the many surprises this new place has to offer to its clients.

Needs and goals

The client came here with the clear need of having a clear image according to its business idea, centered in the origami, and to its characteristic cup of coffee made of origami.

It must be an image which is faithful to all the innovating business formulation and it will reduce the printing costs since they must make great impressions for all the paper material they needed.


The main goal of the logo design of the company has been creating a fresh, young and dynamic identity which clearly transmits all the business formulation and what the clients will find in the place.

So as to achieve all this, we have clearly played with the form and lines of the Origami pieces and from its most characteristic product, which is its cup of coffee made of a special, ecologic and reusable paper.

On the other hand, we have developed different printed advertisements in local magazines, so as to make the new place known by creating a great visual impact.

the customer says...

“We are very glad for the result achieved. We are going to keep working with these fantastic professionals who, without any doubt, we recommend eyes closed.”

Ainoa Castillo, Origami Café