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Corporate identity design for MonNaranja

Xplora signs the corporate identity and branding of the company MonNaranja.

The customer

MónNaranja is a recently created Valencian company devoted to orange and mandarin sale from there through the Internet.

Needs and goals

The client came to Xplora with the need of having a very simple corporate image, easy to remember and faithful to the simple concept of the company, which is being a direct bridge between the orange and mandarin farmer and the final client, from country to home.


We have elaborated a company image where simpleness and freshness prevail, creating a logo which is easy to understand and remember by the target audience.

the customer says...

“The attention and problem solving has been fully satisfactory all the time, providing quick and effective solutions for our company. All the procedures were quick and simple.

Generally, what we value the most of Xplora is that they make our company’s every day easier, and they give us the calmness and safety to have a competent and qualified partner.”

Vicente Devís, MonNaranja