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Corporate identity design for Cromatick

Xplora signs the corporate identity of the company Cromatick.

The customer

Cromatick, intelligent LED lighting, is a recently created company, with a special focus on the new illumination indoor and outdoor systems and ornamentation based on the LED system.

Needs and goals

The client came to Xplora with the need of having a strong and creative corporate image, which faithfully transmits the profile of the new company, and clearly differentiates from its more direct competition and with more classical lines.


The main goal of the logo design of the company has been creating a fresh, young and dynamic identity as well as transmitting safety and efficiency as a supplier of products and solutions.

In search of a logo which communicates the company’s activity, most of the work has been set on typography, with an added goal of transmitting creativity and freshness.

At a graphical level, we highlight the corners with their rounded shapes, which remember the modules and LED panels; a star product of the company. Besides, to strengthen the message, we use a warm graphic/light element, as a clear symbol of the main characteristic of LED illumination; the capacity of changing its chromatic gamma in an intelligent way.