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Catalogs & Ads design for Maquiberica

Xplora signs the product catalogues and printed display advertisement of the brands Maker and Gelco.

The customer

Maquiberica is a company which is born with the goal of providing new technologies in qualified machinery for construction.

Needs and goals

The client arrived Xplora with the need of having a series of corporate applications (stationery, product catalogues and printed graphic ads) from the two brands distributed in Spain and Portugal, Maker and Gelco, according to the profile and style of each brand, integrated in the own profile of Maquiberica.


We have performed all the development of the two product catalogues tailored for the client, advising and designing a catalogue, according to the client’s goals and creating two important commercial tools which are faithful to the identity and image of the company and to the two brands distributed by them.

Apart from elaborating the full design of the catalogues for its printed version, either by a professional printing house, or a printing house optimized for domestic printers, we have created alternative versions in digital and multimedia format so as to distribute these documents via e-mail, PDF, interactive presentation in CD, DVD, CDcard, miniCD, USB memory, etc.

the customer says...

“Xplora experience and the good treatment we received made us choose them.

The attention and service received all the time have been correct, which makes us trust in their professionals and recommend them.”

Carlos Losada, Maquiberica